The Professional Development Programmes I offer deepen teacher's knowledge, experience and awareness. They focus on our central beliefs that infants and young children are free and equal human beings who need time, space and the right environment in which they naturally unfold, and in which they develop a healthy sense of who they are as individuals and valued members of our society. 

Below are our most popular workshops. I also tailor workshops to your specific requirements if you cannot see your chosen focus included here. Contact me to discuss.


Workshops are either half or full day and cater for up to 30 people. 






How we see things shapes our internal and external worlds. It informs who we are, and how we are with others. It drives what we do. How we see things may result in us being short=sighted, tunnel visioned, even blinded to other perspectives. In short, the way we see things may hinder our vision. 

This workshop is an introduction to the work of Emmi Pikler, the Pikler Institute, Budapest, Hungary. It provides a glimpse into the world of the Pikler Institute, a glimpse into the change in perspective which underpins the Pikler approach when working with infants and young children. If your desire is to deepen your understanding of how to be with infants and young children in the most 'respect-full' of ways, we invite you to join us in exploring 'how' we open the eyes of our hearts, bring our activity to stillness, quiet our minds, so that we may see afresh the wonder and capability of our infants and young children. 



If you think the work of Emmi Pikler related to only infants, I‘ve got news for you! The Pikler Institute cares for children from 0 - 7 years of age.

The profound lessons about respect that I learned at the Emmi Pikler Institute have been translated into our team’s approach working with 3 - 6 year olds. Over the past few years we have successfully trailed and grown in the ‘how’ of respect at a very practical level with older children at The Nest Kindergarten. This transformative practice; working at The Heart Level underpins new depths of learning and creates the Culture of Kindness in Action.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to grow and expand your understanding of applying the Culture of Kindness to all age groups. Be prepared to have your thinking challenged, your heart touched, and be inspired to play with these approaches in building relationships in play, and in your role as a teacher. 



The peace movement begins within our heart. As Dr Pikler says "it’s not just about technique, it’s about who and how we are within ourselves.” I will share from my experience working at grass root level ‘how’ at The Nest Kindergarten we have implemented a peaceful approach that allows children to unfold naturally in a harmonious environment. 

The Team at The Nest have grown to realise that you teach who you are. Peace, curiosity, creativity, unconditional love, respectful practice - they are all inside jobs.

The workshop will explore aspects of creating a harmonious learning community which is peaceful, beautiful, and at the same time robust, providing challenges for each child at their level.

Knowing who we truly are is a journey of a lifetime. This session will consider the meaning of authenticity in our teaching and in our lives. It focuses on the profound influence being authentic has on our relationships with children and with those in our team. Dr Emmi Pikler recognised that an authentic, truly prepared, present and sensitively aware adult was critical to ‘fostering the children’s awareness of themselves and their environment'. 



Ask any teacher what they would like to manage more confidently, their response is often conflict, behaviour management, positive guidance. Come along to this workshop and see how you can make the leap from reaction to positive response when dealing with disputes. We have techniques yet still dread conflict. Emmi Pikler has often said 'it’s not just about technique but how we are within ourselves."

 We will explore proven techniques, challenge our perceptions around conflict, but most importantly we will take a closer look at how we are within ourselves in conflict situations. In understanding the importance of conflict we can embrace it and grow, rather than avoid it. Feel confident in conflict situations. Create Harmony, consistency and coherence in your team and establish and maintain a healthy ‘emotional hygiene’ for all. 



This workshop will explore the primal play urges that unfold and ‘how’ we can be in tune and provide what’s needed for self chosen uninterrupted imaginative play.

We will look at what children ‘really’ need and will challenge you to ask yourself “does the ‘core curriculum’ truly provide this?”. Is the core curriculum a vehicle for learning that needs a ‘tune up’? Have you ever really questioned WHY: why do we have what we have? Why do we do what we do in relation to preparing environments for children. Have you ever dared to challenge the status quo? Well we did, and we experienced an extreme make over.

It all started as a D.I.Y job - within ourselves! Our internal view of the child impacts on who and how we are within ourselves and with others, and what we believe the role of the teacher is. Children have a primal need, an unfolding urge to make sense of their world with the tools they have at hand. We believe ti is time to restock the tool belt and to allow children the freedom toe BE, to do what they are designed to do and PLAY freely. 



This workshop is inspired by the Piker approach of respect, but delicately weaves in metaphysical principles. Journey to the centre of ‘self’ and discover how and why you lead the way you do.

Explore perceptions and views of leadership. Recognise our ‘personal stories’ and unravel our faulty hard-wiring. Discover our personality types; understand team dynamics. Appropriate proven strategies to lead in a heart centred way. Feel confident in conflict and crises. Be a change agent, discover the power within to change yourself and others. 



Our role is to ensure that our places and spaces reflect the biological imperatives for children. Our environment is critical in setting the table for PLAY! We need to get the menu right. When the menu is right the play is MAGIC!

We will explore the power of 'loose parts', core resources within children's PLAY. We will look at how environments can be enhanced with the introduction of loose parts. I have a strong belief that when teachers look for resources they should consider 3 very critical things: Will it save the POCKET? Will it save the PLANET? Will it save the child's PLAY? We will discuss why being in and with nature is vital for children and for the planet's long term survival.



Children's play and imagination is under siege. We live in a world where children are literally becoming addicted to E, the childhood drug ENTERTAINMENT. 'Imagination deprivation' has grave consequences for the lives of our children and for the life of our planet.

We will workshop ways to save children's PLAY save our POCKETs and save the PLANET. We will look at the power of 'loose parts' and the critical role they play in developing the imaginative muscle and how we can give visibility and raise awareness around the power of process. We will look at the brain and how it is developed and 'how' we can support biology with the place, space and pace. 



Everything stops and starts with the believe system; beliefs are the genesis of all of our behaviour and practice. What does your philosophy look and feel like for the child?

In this workshop I will work with your team to arrive at a deep, practical, cohesive and robust basis for practice. When your team comes to shared meaning and shared belief system expect magic to happen.