Teachers will have the opportunity to observe the ‘preparation for the day’, gain ideas for resetting up aesthetically pleasing environments, and consider the unique use of items and objects that allow the unfolding of children’s natural play ‘urges'.

In observing The Nest Rituals, the importance of being prepared in the Head, Heart and Hands will become apparent. Being present in an entirely different way is the basis for true observation. Teachers will have uninterrupted time to observe and reflect and will be supported with pedagogical discussion. Articles developed from the practice and research at The Nest provide foundational references.

This is a 2 night, 2 day Study Tour: All meals and accommodation are included. 

PRICE - t.b.a. 



This option is for centre teams or a group of team leaders who as a group want to visit The Nest for a day. The morning will be spend touring The Nest and answering questions. The afternoon will be a workshop with a topic of choice. 

This is a 1 day visit with a workshop in the afternoon: lunch is included. 

PRICE - t.b.a.